The 2023 Flight Archery Championships

USA Archery National Flight Archery
World Archery (FITA Star) Flight Championships
USA Archery Broadhead Flight Competition

Flight Archer Silhouette

Where: Bonneville Flight Range, Exit 4 on I-80, approximately 1 mile east of Wendover, Utah.

When: Flight Archery — Friday, September 1nd and Saturday, September 2th.

GPS Coordinates: 40°45'45.2"N 113°53'44.0"W

US Flight Broadhead Competition — Sunday, September 3th 2022.

All participants are encouraged to arrive on Thursday, September 1st for registration and preparation.

Scheduled Rounds can be modified to accommodate weather conditions and/or event participation.

Registration fees include Four Rounds/Ends of Regular Flight

Fees: Adult registration fees are $60 plus applicable tax

Junior registration fees are $40 plus applicable tax (20 years and under)

Fees include Two Rounds/Ends of Broadhead Flight.

To register, see:

Contestants must be a current member of a National Archery Association affiliated with World Archery or USA Archery in order to register.

Archery association membership registration is NO LONGER available on-site at the event.

Memberships may be purchased through

Event Details: All USA Archery and World Archery Flight Divisions are eligible to compete.

Schedule revisions may be necessary at the time of the tournament to accommodate special circumstances such as extreme weather conditions. Contestants are limited to shoot one equipment division per scheduled round/end.

Contestants have the option of choosing which equipment division for each round/end, provided the registration of the equipment is complete prior to the round/end shot.

The contestant has the option to compete with the same equipment division for all scheduled rounds/ends, or entering and competing in a different bow division for each round/end. For example, one can choose to shoot a 50Ib Modern Asiatic bow for all rounds scheduled, or shooting the first 2 rounds with the 50Ib Modern Asiatic and the next 2 rounds/ends with a 18kg Flight Bow, or shooting each round/end with a different bow type and weight.

Any contestant wishing to shoot any additional equipment (for testing or other reasons) may do so in an exhibition or demonstration round/end outside of the scheduled rounds/ends of the regular tournament. There will be no official results recorded for exhibition or demonstration rounds/ends.

Additional Information: While we hope for mild and dry weather, it is best to be prepared for an unpredictable mix of muddy terrain, high winds, dry hot temperatures, thunderstorms, and flooding. Be sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and shade!

Latest News, rules, records, and information, revisit our site, or find us on the "USA Flight Archery" group on Facebook.

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For more information contact USA Flight Archery Committee:
Alan Case (971) 998-5782 e-mail Alan
James Martin e-mail James
Jessie Corbett (823) 922-0317 e-mail Jessie

SUN AUG 27 AT 8:00 AM – MON AUG 28 AT 5:00 PM PDT

2023 Unlimited Flight at Smith Creek
Dry Lake Bed near Austin Nevada

Sunday August 27th & Monday August 28th

The US Unlimited Flight competition at the Smith Creek Dry Lake bed will be taking place Sunday, August 27th through Monday, August 28th. The event is conveniently scheduled the weekend prior to our US Flight Championships at Bonneville to minimize the amount of vacation time and travel. This event is for those who love pushing flight archery to extreme distances. The hard dry lakebed is the ideal surface for finding and retrieving the short arrows typically used for footbows, crossbows, and modern crossbows and recurves. If this sounds interesting to you, then do check it out! Camping and RV’s is allowed on the lakebed. There are also lodging available in the nearest town of Austin, Nevada.

For current information visit our Facebook Page @ Smith Creek Unlimited Flight

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Event Details: All USA Archery and World Archery Flight Divisions are eligible to compete.

Rules & Equipment

USAA General Flight Rules
USAA Broadhead Rules
USAA Flight Equipment
Rules Revision History (for the details)
Championship Event Details
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Click links below for the final results and updated records list following the 2020 US Flight Archery Nationals, held Sept 2020 at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover Utah, USA.

 Competitors broke or established new regular flight records plus additional new records for the Broadhead event.
The links below give complete results for all competitors in the event. [Updated November 1, 2020]

The links below give results for previous years: